Tavel, pleasure of the senses

When a bottle of Tavel wine is on the table, it is as if you had invited Epicurus to share with you the exceptional deep pink hues and the smooth flowing sound of the glistening liquid as it slides from the bottle to the glass to exhilarate your taste buds.

The eyes


Tavel wine has a stunningly unique colour : a deep luminous pink which charms by its pureness. The different shades of colour go from light ruby red with topaz hues, strawberry and sometimes redcurrant, to amber lights for the older Tavel wines.

The nose

Tavel wines have a sumptuous nose of gourmet aromas : crisp raspberries, plump tasty strawberries, but also sweetmeats and homemade jams from our childhood. A wonderful stroll down memory lane. 

The mouth

The mouth feel of Tavel wines is immediately intense. It is a sun wine, rich in warmth and light. Its maturity reveals itself in the aromas of red fruits, crushed strawberries, black cherries, but also violets and white flowers.
Its long finish reveals aromas of flint stone and spices.

température de dégustationTavel wines should be served at a temperature between 12 and 14°C. During the first years, the fruity aromas are predominant, to become more spicey with time.








Tasting reveals a robust and generous wine with a unique structure for a rosé wine.